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4.8 stars | 6 reviews
Computer use can be monitored, and it is impossible to completely clear all website browsing history. If your abuser may be monitoring your computer, please use a computer that your abuser cannot access directly or remotely. If you are in danger, call 911. To talk with an advocate, call New Directions at (740) 397-4357.

Thank you for contacting New Directions. We are here for you. Our services are always free and confidential. Advocates are available to web chat 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. If you are contacting us outside of those hours, we are still here for you. Please call our 24/7 hotline (740) 397-4357 If this is an emergency please call 911.

  • All our services are free, confidential and private. No messages are ever saved by us. Once the conversation is done, all messages are erased from our system.
  • Your safety is our number one concern. For that reason, if you need to stop web chatting immediately for safety reasons, look for the quick escape button. Once you press this, itWilltake you to a safePage All online messagesWillbe deleted automatically, and they cannot be accessed by pressing the back button or reloading the webpage. Once you leave thePageor close the window, the messages are gone forever.
  • If you choose to text message, remember that messages are saved on your phone. For your safety we recommend you delete messages once you are done texting. We will never text you directly without you initiating the messages first, as we cannot see or save your phone number.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • You dont need to download anything to use it — just click the chat button below.
  • This is not a public chat room — it’s a one-on-one chat session with an advocate.
  • It’s still completely confidential and anonymous.
  • This is a crisis text/chat line to connect survivors to advocates – For all other general inquiries (donations, events, volunteer opportunities, etc.), please call our main number to speak to our administrative staff or email us at info@newdirectionsshelter.org.

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4.8 stars | 6 reviews
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